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Making AI in Python

Machine learning is quite an interesting idea. It saves user input to a database or file, then uses that information to adjust. I recently made a Python Repl that allows you to train or test its database. You can enter an animal and a descriptor, and it adds the descriptor to the animal array. Or, you can enter a descriptor, and the program scans through its database for animals matching the descriptor. The flaw in this is that it greatly relies on a large user base, when it honestly will never get very popular. That is the flaw with most AI. They need to be run a plethora of times before they truly learn. I used to foolishly believe that true artificial intelligence can only be accomplished when the program can edit its own source code. Now I believe that even though that may be possible, it would be very challenging. In conclusion, as great a dream as AI is, it will never come near human intelligence in the near future.


Python Color Code Command Package

Today I designed a Python Package that adds two sepperate commands:

color(text, color) - This works exactly the same as the print() function, except it has the color input.

paint(color) - This dyes any text printed following the command.

There are a variety colors as well. See the following picture.

You can also reset the paint color by setting the color to "reset".

There are more features as well. You can find the package here.


Hello World Post

Today marks the start of the TEACH3R Profile! Here, I will post lessons, examples, and more. So, as many classic coders say: Hello World!